Before having fully ingested my morning coffee, I read that scientists "are exploring global-warming solutions that sound wholly far-fetched, including giant artificial "trees" that would filter carbon dioxide out of the air" ["Global warming? No sweat" News, Mar. 16]. Umm, has anyone thought about just leaving the trees we still have standing upright in their respective forests to do the job they were meant to do?

It's not just about cutting down on the carbon dioxide, folks. It's about not clear-cutting the entire planet. There are photos comparing the present with a decade ago, which show the rapid rate of deforestation. It is just as alarming as the melting ice caps. The irony does not escape me.
If it's my coffee that is causing the forests to come down, well, I guess I'll have to switch to another morning stimulant, like a brisk walk outside where my trees are still standing.·—Maura Callahan, Snoqualmie

Letters to the Editor – Seattle Times – April 4, 2007