No Sweat -- Buses Have Helped To Flatten Seattle's Hills for Bike Riders

I just have to write and publicly thank Metro for flattening out Seattle. I am a sometimes weekend bicycle rider who is not in such great shape. I occasionally fly to the Midwest and other flat places around the country and sigh with envy at the ease with which the local populace pedal their two-wheeled vehicles. I have taken it as a personal challenge to figure out how to get from west Queen Anne to anywhere in the city without having to go up any hills. I've gotten pretty good at this, I might add.

But look, I am saved! I have slowly come to the realization that these new bike racks that have been installed on the front of every Metro bus in the county have just liberated me from the vertical challenge of this city. I can ride my road-ready mountain bike around the streets of Seattle and hardly break a sweat. I can get a ride to the top of the counter-balance and ride down to my house. Is this a great place to live, or what?

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