David is teaching and I am learning (mostly) about websites and blogging. I fear writing in a blog will be more frustrating than fun, as I have become a rather lazy keyboarder reliant on auto-corrects and spell check at work. I am shamed by the fact that I still have to look at my fingers when I type, even though I have tried unsuccessfully to stop and teach myself to touch type more than a couple of times (Mavis Beacon I have failed you!).

I'll start out okay at home with a regular regime over a long weekend and then when I get to my desk at work I fall off the approved fingering wagon and just go back to my old 6 or 8 finger search and peck. This is even more embarrassing since I have adult children (Riain and Ella) who have been proficient since they could dangle their little legs over a chair. They were sitting in front of a computer monitor almost before they gave up their (respectively) pacifier and thumb. And now I have to contend with grandchildren getting a leg up and over as well.