Have you ever wondered how much different the weather up here on the hill is from Seattle, or even down in the valley? Have you heard the snow level is 500 feet and looked out to see a couple of inches of show on your driveway? And then driven down our hill to find the roads clear before you get to pavement? Then you realize weather up on the hill is a little different from the lowlands.

DavisVantageProAlong with our new house, Maura and I added a weather station. And so we could see weather conditions from work, we added a video camera. We put the information on a Web page at hillhousehome.net/weather/ or under the @home menu here on the website. You’re welcome to view it.

The weather information comes from a Davis VantagePro2 Plus weather station. It reports temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, rain fall amounts, and solar and ultraviolet radiation.

The weather information is updated automatically every minute, though some Web browsers block the automatic updates. (Choose Refresh in your browser to see updated information.) We report our weather data to Weather Underground (KWASNOQU14) and to the Citizen’s Weather Observation Program (CWOP) DW4816.