OK, I guess I have to put my eyes where my heart is.

I've been reading The Seattle Times for a long time, decades and decades of home delivery and the last two years online, but finally I have to admit their politics are not my politics.


This is evident in that The Seattle Times endorsed the two candidates (Mike McGavick and Dave Reichert) who will not provide the change this country needs, but also that the Seattle P-I did by endorsing Maria Cantwell and Darcy Burner, and shows me, clearly, I have been reading the wrong paper for all of these years.

I, along with hundreds of thousands of Americans, want my country back. I am going to follow Barack Obama and the "Politics of Hope" instead of big business and the disheartening conservative drive that, if held on this destructive course, will bring this once sane and mighty country to its knees. —Maura T. Callahan, Snoqualmie

Seatlle PI - October 6, 2006