I just finished reading how the TSA was bilked of one billion dollars for junk cell phones and a poor operating system to supposedly help protect our airports in this dire time of terrorist threat. I was wondering if it occurred to our current Administration that maybe this contract company, Unisys, should be held accountable for such indefensible opportunism (and why aren’t they being called ‘unpatriotic’?). But then, in this day and age of graft and corruption so common place it reaches all the way to the White House, I guess not.

I think it was the last two paragraphs that really got me… “The Inspector General recommended that TSA put the contract out to bid again once the $1 billion was exhausted. TSA agreed to do so and said it has strengthened its procurement oversight.” Now there’s a thought. Where was the ‘procurement oversight” in the first place? It makes my wallet itch, to pay taxes to our government for such shabby management. No for-profit organization would tolerate such blatant fiscal ineptness and chicanery without going out of business. So my question is, when does the US Government file for Chapter 11?—Maura T. Callahan
Seattle PI – January 2007