I just finished reading how the TSA was bilked of one billion dollars for junk cell phones and a poor operating system to supposedly help protect our airports in this dire time of terrorist threat. I was wondering if it occurred to our current Administration that maybe this contract company, Unisys, should be held accountable for such indefensible opportunism (and why aren’t they being called ‘unpatriotic’?). But then, in this day and age of graft and corruption so common place it reaches all the way to the White House, I guess not.

OK, I guess I have to put my eyes where my heart is.

I've been reading The Seattle Times for a long time, decades and decades of home delivery and the last two years online, but finally I have to admit their politics are not my politics.

Global indicators

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a joke, and a bad one at that Feds blow smoke up states' tailpipes," Times, Editorial, Dec. 23 and "State will join suit challenging emission ruling," Local News, Dec. 21]. It has become an insidious oxymoron. It is no more protecting our environment than it is protecting our children from lead in their toys, or our animals from poison in their food, nor is it giving us clean water to drink or clear air to breathe. Big money wins over all of the above.

"$15 to check one bag? Travelers furious," Times, page one, May 22]

What would happen if all of the airlines went bankrupt? An interesting flight of the imagination. As fuel becomes so expensive that companies are alienating passengers with fee upon fee, what would the world become if, finally, all of the planes landed and never took off again? Would that be so bad?

Military outlet: Parental warning: Keep children away from war machine

"It 'makes sense' to consider a draft" [Times page one, Aug. 11]: Makes sense to whom? Not to most Americans in this country.

How about just bring the soldiers home from Iraq? How about we not draft our young men and women so that we can kill 10 or 12 or 20 a week?